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Difflam Oral Rinse

Sore Throats, Mouth Ulcers, Dental Pain

Difflam is indicated for the symptomatic relief of painful inflammatory conditions of the throat and mouth.1

Difflam Oral Rinse is a locally acting analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment for the relief of painful inflammatory conditions of the mouth and throat including:1

  • TRAUMATIC CONDITIONS: Pharyngitis following tonsillectomy or the use of a naso-gastric tube;
  • INFLAMMATORY CONDITIONS: Pharyngitis, aphthous ulcers and oral ulceration due to radiation therapy;
  • DENTISTRY: For use after dental operations.Benzydamine exerts an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action by stabilising the cellular membrane and inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis.

Please consult the Patient Information Leaflet and Summary of Product Characteristics for further information.

Difflam contains Benzydamine Hydrochloride.
Always read the Patient Information Leaflet in the pack. 
Should symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

1. Difflam Oral Rinse Summary of Product Characteristics

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