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Meda Health Sales Ireland

Meda Health Sales Ireland was established in May 2005.

In 2005 we began with a headcount of six people. Our primary focus was prescription products. In early 2006 Viatris was bought by Meda and so began a history of purchasing products and companies that would add extra value to Meda.

Meda Health Sales Ireland currently employs twenty people and has a product portfolio consisting of forty products. These include prescription and non-prescription pharmacy products (OTC). 

We are a standalone affiliate which works from its own profit and loss basis. This means the company has grown due to the hard work and intelligence of its employees. Many of the larger pharmaceutical companies have contracted during the last five years whereas, we have had double digit growth for the last three years. We have introduced ten new products in both OTC and prescription arenas in that period. We have also outperformed all other Meda affiliates in Europe.

I believe the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to each other and Meda displayed by all Meda employees is the primary reason for our success. I would like to thank my colleagues within Meda Health Sales Ireland for their continued dedication and support and know their work ethic will sustain the company for years to come. 

Owen Mc Keon
Country Manager Ireland

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